Fancoil Systems

The fan coil unit system works like this:

We set up a cooling unit in the technical room, which generates cold water (from 6 to 12 degrees Celsius). The cold water is transported through insulated pipes to the fan coil unit and flows through it (at least, through the coil mounted in the fan coil unit).

A ventilator is installed beneath the coil of the unit. It blows air from the room over the coil, thus cooling the air.
The fan coil unit also has a thermostat for setting the desired temperature, so a comfortable temperature can be created in the room.

The system can be expanded by installing an electrical element in the unit, making it possible to cool or heat independently. Instead of cold water, hot water can be sent through the coil, thus making it possible to heat as well.

Breman Ship Engineering has various variations in Fancoil Systems. The fancoil will be customized to your specific needs. 

Basically, a fancoil system is a coldwater piping system with fancoil units attached in different places. Water will run through the coils to transfer heat or cold. An attached fan will blow the generated difference in temperature in the room where the fancoil is placed. The piping and coils will be made of copper and/or steel, depending on the use of fresh water, sea water or a refrigerant.

There are numerous variations on this system, an can be totally customized. For instance, it is possible to equip the fancoils with a Thermostat or control them manually, there is a possibillity to include a heating coil and air filters can be installed.