• Delivery Jumbo J-1800 Javelin
    Delivery Jumbo J-1800 Javelin
    One of Jumbo's biggest can accomodate even more people

    One of Jumbo's 4 J1800 vessels, the biggest in Jumbo's fleet, has been upgraded. A accomodation unit for 50 persons has been installed on deck. Breman Shipping Installation installed the complete sanitary system, heating system, ventilation system and all airconditioning. Now the new crew can transport the next 1800 tonnes of cargo in comfort!

    The accomodation units, a type typical for the offshore industries, has been build at Holland Shipyards in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Holland Shipyards is a company renowed for their accomodationbuilding. Breman Shipping Installation cooperated with Holland Shipyards on many occasions, and looks forward to do so in the future.