• New assignment; Floatel Gezina
    New assignment; Floatel Gezina
    Special project at Holland Shipyards

    Chevalier Floatels is has a complete new concept of accomodation for offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industry. Chevailier Floatels will build Floatel Gezina at Holland Shipyards.


    The Floatel will be refitted completely. All HVAC and sanitary equipment will be refitted by Breman Shipping Installation.  What makes this project special is the fact tha 10 metres will be added in lenght! This means the length of each and every system has to be increased as well. Furthermore, new accomodation units will be created, which increases the demand of fresh water and conditioned air, hot and cold. Breman Shipping Installation accepted the challenge of recalculation the system, upgrading necessary parts en refitting all necessary parts. 


    The vessel is to be operable in may 2012. We'll keep you posted!