• Start outfitting "Nordic"
    Start outfitting "Nordic"
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    Recently, Breman Shipping Installation started the outfitting abourd the "Nordic". This special vessel, designed to ship an enormous amount of windmills, is to be the twin-sister of the "Oceanic". MV Oceanic was the first Dutch vessel build purposely to transport windmills, and a lot of them!  In order to create as much floorspace possible, the accomodation is designed in a rather radical way. Everything is located at the starboard side of the vessel, creating more available floorspace at the port side of the vessel.


    As we did aboard the "Oceanic", we will install a complete heating, ventillation, airconditioning and sanitary system aboard the "Nordic". As Hartman Marine Shipbuilding was satisfied with the previous vessel, Breman is to make shure this succes will be repeated!